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UNICOS-CPC Documentation

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Release Notes

Documentation for Developers

Install UAB Bootstrap

see for more details on how to install the UAB Bootstrap

General documentation

  • General Object descriptions [web] [pdf]
  • xml spec documentation [xml ]
  • New Functionalities of CPC6.X regarding CPC5.X[pdf ]
  • UNICOS-CPC PLC program Architecture
    • Schneider Unity [ENICECOL:doc] (in progress)
    • Siemens Step 7 [pdf]
  • Front-End parameters (PLC addressing) with UNICOS-CPC
    • Schneider Unity [xlsx ]
    • Siemens Step 7[xlsx ]
  • PLC Programing with UNICOS-CPC
    • Schneider Unity [pdf ]
    • Siemens S7 [pdf ]
    • Schneider Somachine-CoDeSys [pdf ]
  • Logic Template Usage
  • SVN versioning for UNICOS-CPC applications recommendations [ENICECOL:pdf]
  • UNICOS-CPC versioning mechanisms [pdf ]

Procedures, Tutorial and Training

  • Procedure to install the UAB bootstrap (UNICOS Application Builder) to create UCPC applications [pdf]
  • Procedures to create an UNICOS-CPC application
    • Schneider Unity [pdf ]
    • Siemens Step7 [pdf ]
    • CoDeSys - Schneider Somachine [pdf ]
    • CoDeSys - Beckhoff Twincat [pdf ]
    • WinCC-OA [pdf ]
    • Touch Panels
  • Tutorial UNICOS-CPC on QSDN example
    • Schneider Unity [ENICECOL:pdf] (under development)
    • Siemens Step 7
      • QSDN Tutorial [zip
      • QSDN presentation [pdf]
  • UNICOS-CPC Training
    • Material for the basic course are in INDICO event.
    • You can sign in for the next CERN training course in here.

Reverse Engineering Tools and Upgrade Tools

Any questions, send an e-mail to the Please specify UCPC reverse engineering tools in the subject (or click previous link)

  • Migration Methods from CPC5.X to CPC6.X
    • Schneider Unity [pdf ]
    • Siemens Step 7 [pdf]
    • Spec Conversion Tool V5 to CPC V6 [zip]
    • Change Replace Tool for Unity V5 to CPC6 [zip]
    • Change Replace Tool for PVSS panels V5 to CPC6 [zip]
  • Reverse Engineering Tools for CPC 5
    For the reverse-engineering from CPC5 to CPC6, one top-level tool has been created which contains all the sub-tools. It has the following features
    • Using this tool you can take the CPC5 files (PLC and PVSS) and re-create the project specification (CPC5 and then CPC6).
    • Doing a custom-export in PVSS you will get much more parameters in your final CPC6 specifications. Cf. the document about this in the Documentation
    • When merging between PVSS and PLC you get a dedicated worksheet (MergeLog) in your finale CPC5 spec logging all the merge insconsistencies according to your configuration. The merging configuration is specifiable column by column (i.e take from PVSS, take prom PLC, take from BOTH: in this case if it is different you will get a message in the log)
    • You have also an other worksheet (EmptyLog) that log all the instances with an empty column if you specified so.
    • You can use it for either a Schneider or a Siemens application.
    • There is a top-level GUI which makes the tool easier to use and configure, and so you do not have to deal with batch files.
      • Of course you can always call the tool(s) from the command line if required, and it can be easier if you are reverse engineering a bunch of applications.
    • To understand the detailed steps performed by this tool you should check this document [pdf]. You can find this document also in the Documentation sub-directory of the release (see above) with other documents.
    • The latest release of the tool is here []
    • The previous version are here:
  • Reverse Engineering Tools for CPC 6
    • Schneider Unity to XML CPC6 [under development]
    • Siemens Step 7 to XML CPC6 [under development]
    • PVSS CPC6 to XML CPC6 [under development]
    • Spec Merge CPC6 [under development]

Developer FAQ

See FAQ page links below:


Documentation for Operators

  • UNICOS-CPC for operators

    Operator Training presented June 14 2013 by E.Blanco


    UNICOS-CPC Training for Operators, showing new features of CPC6 - see pdf

    • Older version of operator training - [pdf ]
  • UNICOS-CPC widget layout [pdf ]

Documentation for designer

  • CPC Bit mapping of all Manreg [pdf] and StsReg registers [pdf ]
  • CPC objects blocks drawing [jpg1 , jpg2] and Parameters list [pdf]
  • CPC addresses mapping (Schneider: Premium, M340, Somachine_CoDeSys) [pdf]
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